About J-Pillow

Inventor Gemma Jensen

The eureka moment for the J-pillow came when mum of three, Gemma Jensen was on a night flight with her family. They were all extremely uncomfortable, Gemma had just been woken up by her head jerking forward and the children were squabbling over who's turn it was to sit next to the window. That was the moment when Gemma thought of a pillow that would help you sleep by supporting your head and stopping it from falling forward but still be comfortable enough to feel as if you had a window seat, every single time you used it.

When they returned back home, Gemma bought a second hand sewing machine and set to work on her first protoype. She even bought a couple of airline seats to test drive the pillow and perfect the design. 

Gemma was presented with an award

by Sir Richard Branson

While making the pillow Gemma also drew on her past experiences as a flight attendant where she worked for Virgn Atlantic and was presented with an award by Sir Richard Branson. During the long haul flights she would notice people struggling to sleep, mainly because they could not support their heads properly. 

Now a patent has been filed and the J-pillows are in production, Gemma has sent one to Richard Branson for him to try! 

Unlike other pillows, the J-pillow could help improve the quality of life for so many people in so many different situations. 

It's ideal for travelling - use it on trains, planes, cars and coaches and you'll be amazed by how well you could sleep which 
will help you arrive at your destination feeling rested and raring to go!  It's also perfect for use in the home too, when watching T.V. or reading in bed. 

If you know someone who's recuperating after an operation or has a medical condition where they have to sleep propped up in bed, then they could find the J-pillow of great benefit. And because the pillow helps provide the correct anatomical support for sleeping upright, you may also find it helps reduce stiffness and soreness when compared to sleeping without support. 

It's also great for older people who like to have an afternoon snooze but don't want to wake up with a stiff neck. And because it can be used in both high and low back chairs, it could also be suitable for people who use wheelchairs. 

So, what makes the J-pillow so different?

In a nutshell, the J-pillow provides you with the ultimate comfort and support. It keeps your head supported and elevated from the side, so to help alleviate the strain on your neck. And it supports your chin at the front, so your head won't fall forward while you sleep. The result just could be the best sleep you'll ever have sitting up!

How does J-pillow work?

The unique features of the J-pillow all work together to create an unbelievably comfortable and effective pillow. The J-pillow's ingenious design allows it to slot in perfectly around your head, neck and chin - filling the gaps under you chin and between your head and shoulders.

Features of the J-pillow

Head support:

Comfy pillow gently cradles head, keeps it supported and elevated. Neck not overstretched.

Chin support:

J part curls under chin, supports head and stops it from falling forward while sleeping

Neck support:

Slots in area between head and shoulders. Keeps head stabilised. Muscles in neck relax

Snap loop button

To attach to luggage or person

Super soft plush cover:

Luxury, plush cover feels super-soft against skin.

High quality 3 D filling:

Means extra springiness and comfort. Most travel pillows only have 2D filling

Condenses into a tight ball

Can be squashed into a ball for hand luggage. Bounces easily back into shape again when removed.

Can be used in both high and low back chairs

Because of its unique design, the J-pillow can be used in both low and high back chairs. 

J-Pillow used in a high back car seatJ-Pillow used in a low back airport chair


The J-pillow can be used in many different positions. The most preferred way is to place the curved part under the chin.

The J-pillow can also be rotated so the curved part now goes behind the head in the nape of the neck.

And you can also fold the pillow part together to create a totally new shaped pillow. Now wedge it under your chin or behind your head, in the nape of your neck.

There are many other ways in which the J-pillow can be used to make your journey more relaxing. Cup it over the arm rest of your chair so for a comfy cushion for your arm to rest on. Or fold it together (as above) and place in the small of your back for excellent lumbar support. The J-pillow is so versatile it's as if you're travelling with several different pillows in one!

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