Grey Inflatable J-Pillow


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The J-pillow inflatable has all the features and benefits of the padded J-pillow except it folds away flat.

Inflate the J- pillow to your desired comfort - we find it works best of all when it's not fully inflated and then when you reach your destination, simply deflate to pack away in the smallest of spaces.

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  • Has all the features and benefits of the padded J-pillow
  • New patent pending design
  • Gently cradles and supports head, neck and chin.
  • Stops head from falling forward while sleeping
  • Helps provide correct anatomical support for sleeping upright
  • May reduce stiffness and soreness compared to sleeping without support
  • Inflates with one to two breaths. One valve.
  • Includes luxury plush cover for ultimate comfort.
  • Cover is machine washable at 30 degrees
  • Deflate to fold flat, packs neatly away
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