Not Just For Travel

The J-pillow is the ultimate travel companion that really helps you get some quality sleep while on the go. But unlike other travel pillows, the J-pillow can also be used in many other situations other than travelling...... and this is all thanks to its unique, ergonomic design.

J-pillow for neck problems

The J-pillow may offer much relief to people who suffer from stiff and sore necks by slotting in perfectly around their head, neck and chin. When your head and chin are supported, the weight is lifted off your neck which lets the muscles there relax, this in turn helps ease discomfort.

And because the J-pillow keeps your head in an upright position, this helps maintain good posture which allows you to relax more and helps prevent soreness while you rest.

J-pillow in the home

The J-pillow is great for use when relaxing at home for that afternoon nap. It's also good for reading in bed or watching T.V. on the sofa (please note we cannot be held responsible for you missing the end of that thriller because you nodded off!).

J-pillow at work

Burning the candle at both ends? Keep one at work and use it at your desk for when you need that 10 minute catnap to recharge your batteries. Wake up feeling refreshed and ready to go again.

The J-pillow in bed

The J pillow may be of great comfort if you are in hospital and having problems lying down post operation or if you're at home and have to sleep upright because of a medical condition. The J-pillow will support your head and help you get that much needed sleep while you're propped up in bed. It's also great if you just want to be more comfortable when reading.

J-pillow used in low and high back chairs

The J-pillow can be used in both low and high back chairs. When using it in a high back chair, simply place the pillow at the side of your head with the 'J' part under your chin and lean back. The weight of your head against the back of the pillow keeps it in place.

When using the pillow in a low back chair, place the pillow at the side of your head with the 'J' part under your chin and lean your head into the pillow. The weight of your head against the side of the pillow helps wedge the pillow in place and prevents it from falling away.

Once you have a used a J pillow you will wonder how you ever lived, or slept, without one!

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