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"The J-pillow. A revolutionary design in travel/orthopaedic pillows. The J-pillow has been designed to support the cervical spine (neck) from the lateral (side) and anterior (front) aspects leading to a very comfortable fit. The J-pillow allows adequate support for the cervical spine when sleeping in an upright position, for example on an aeroplane, train or in other upright seated positions not involved with travelling (such as on the sofa, in the office or sitting up in bed).

The J-pillow's innovative design reduces stress on the soft tissues of the neck, including the discs, ligaments, tendons and muscles. This affords the user a comfortable sleep, even in the upright position. The J-pillow also reduces the risk of the head falling forward when sleeping upright and potentially causing injury to the posterior cervical muscles and ligaments.

The J-pillow is ideal for use while travelling but may also prove helpful to some people who suffer from neck pain as it supports the neck and helps keep the cervical spine aligned in its correct anatomical position. 

The J-pillow is a simple, lightweight device that packs small for transfer and there is even an inflatable version that packs flat. I have used the J-pillow on a number of trips and can highly recommend it!"

Dr Christopher A. Jenner MB BS, FRCA, FFPMRCA

Consultant in Pain Medicine




"I and my wife have used the British designed J-pillow on my last two journeys driving up and down to the South of France. There is a tendency for the seated passenger to nod off and rubber neck with an alarming whiplash action. The culprit wakes partially and then over extends the neck until the head reaches the car seat support. This process causes significant muscle, ligament and joint strain on the "unconscious" neck.  If there is already loss of disc strength and height due to deterioration then these strains will cause abnormal micro movements and possible bruising of the nerves as they leave through the side exits in the spine with secondary longer term damaging results.

The innovative design provides support for the neck and comfortable supported sleep whether in a car or in the home or in bed. This will be helpful in preventing future problems as well as protecting those suffering with neck symptoms arising from disc degeneration and related issues such as "wear and tear" or arthritis of the joints or degeneration of the discs.

The J-pillow is a simple, lightweight device and the inflatable version packs flat. It is providing a valuable addition which I heartily recommended."

Martin Knight MD FRCS MBBS

Consultant Spine Surgeon

Senior Lecturer Manchester University

The Medical Director, The Spinal Foundation

The Harley Street Spine Clinic, London

The Fitzroy Hospital, London

Fawkham Manor Hospital, Kent




"The J-Pillow has a simple yet ingenious new design that supports the neck from the side and the front in a way that other travel pillows don't. Lack of anterior and side support when sleeping upright can cause the head to drop excessively forward i.e. "chin on chest" position, or to the side as in the "ear on shoulder" position. This places strain on the intervertebral discs, ligaments and joints which can contribute to the development of injuries in the neck such as disc herniation and spondylitis. Worse still, when travelling, for example on a plane, train or car journey, the head can drop forcibly forward as one falls asleep causing a mini whiplash style injury traumatising to the posterior neck muscles and ligaments. Thankfully, excessive and forceful anterior or lateral head movement is prevented with J-Pillow which should prove good news for preventing neck pain and neck injuries! Furthermore, some neck pain suffers have reported the J-Pillow providing comfortable support for their neck even when not travelling, this may be due to the pillow helping to hold the neck in its correct anatomical position. Whilst the J-Pillow is no substitution for expert diagnosis and advice for neck pain, it may just also prove good news for neck pain sufferers who are on the move or catching a nap the sofa!"

Robert Shanks

Co-Founding Director of Spine Plus Clinics & The Harley Street Spine Clinic



"All the staff have been involved in using the J-pillows over a three week period and the feedback has been very positive indeed. As some of the residents have certain conditions that affect the neck area, this prevents them from sitting comfortably when sitting upright in an armchair, resulting in stiff necks. We found the J-pillows provided a very comfortable head and neck rest and when asked, residents said that they were more comfortable.

We also found the J-pillows to be highly effective when used for residents in bed. Some residents don't always appear comfortable when in bed, but not only did the J-pillows make them look more comfortable but they maintained the head and neck position to maximise comfort. The feedback from staff, residents and relatives has been positive all round and we will continue to use them."  

Christine Simcock

Manager at Flixton Manor Nursing Home


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