J-pillow Travel Pillow

  • Supports head and neck 
  • Patented chin support 
  • Machine washable
  • Includes carry bag

We guarantee you the best rest or your money back!


Easy to Carry
includes free carry bag

Easy to carry travel pillow

Put the 'trunk' part of the
pillow into the bag first

Easy to carry travel pillow

Ensure the snap-loop fastener is
poking of the top of the bag

Easy to carry travel pillow

Use the snap-loop fastener to
attach to your luggage

How to use your J-pillow travel pillow

  1. Hold the pillow with the snap-loop fastener at the top
  2. Place at the side of your head so the ‘J’ curls under your chin
  3. Rest the side of your head on the pillow
  4. Lean back and drift off!

Ultimate support for your head and neck

  •   Multi-positional - many ways to use
  •   Perfect for home and travel
  •   Easy to carry – includes free carry bag
  •   Stops head nodding forward

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J-pillow travel pillow example one
J-pillow travel pillow example two
J-pillow travel pillow example three
J-pillow travel pillow example four
J-pillow travel pillow example five

Travel is essential. Time is precious. Sleep is priceless. 
We believe that every traveler should arrive at their destination feeling
relaxed and refreshed,  so that they don’t miss a moment of their day.
J-pillow is the essential travel companion.
It does the work. You do the rest. 

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